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Chatbot Development

We have a chatbot development platform with our own natural language processing (NLP) engine that supports entity recognition, imagery classification, and sentiment analysis. Our chatbot development platform makes it easy to build powerful contextual chatbots without having to write any code.

Social Listening

We have developed a tool to “listen” to specific topics in the public domain to help detect and identify current trends in each subject area. The tool can help you identify product trends, monitor industry activity and market trends, check prices, and even help alert you to potential PR crises.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

We can architect, design, implement and support simple or complex data warehouse systems. We can also help you select and implement the right BI tools for your organization to maximize reporting efficiency.

Data Science & Analytics

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in conducting business data analysis. Through our analysis, we will be able to provide you with more valuable recommendations and/or provide you with valuable business insights to help you make better decisions.

Data Integration

Today, the volume of data comes from so many different places and in so many different formats that it can be difficult to analyze it effectively and see the truth. We can help you consolidate this data to provide a single source of facts that is easy to analyze and thus provide you with valuable insights.

AI Implementation

We have expertise in machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing. We can implement these technologies to meet your needs and help your business create an advantage and stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.


kind words by clients

I was impressed with the professionalism and project execution of this team. Efficient, easy to communicate with, and absolutely know their craft. Thanks for the incredible results.
Mark Riley
Marketing Manager
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